Genoray Oscar 15 Large C-Arm

Genoray Oscar 15 Large C-Arm

The Genoray Oscar 15 is the newest Large C-Arm which features a flat detector. The flat detectors offer increased image quality as traditionally image intensifiers usually have an image output of 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels resolution whereas by comparison the flat detectors usually have an output of 2,500 pixels by 2,500 pixels resolution. The problem with flat detectors, however, was usually the cost, which made them prohibitive for smaller healthcare facilities with lower volume. That where the new Genoray Oscar 15 changes the game.

The Oscar 15 Large C-Arm is priced comparatively to a new GE OEC 9900 with the General Surgical Package or refurbished GE OEC 9900 with the Vascular software package, which is an incredible value on its own. Mix in the fact that it offers the industry’s best warranty (5-year parts & 2-year labor) and has a flat detector with one of the largest resolution outputs: 2.6K x 2.56K. It is a system that is hard not to take into serious consideration.

The Genoray Oscar 15 Features:

  • 260mm x 260mm (10.24″) 2.6 Mega Pixel CMOS Flat Detector
  • Oversized: 60″ Overcast Rotation
  • Oversized C, Larger Depth of Arc
  • 15 kW / 120 kVp Powerful Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
  • 10.4″ Swivel Color Touch Screen Tech Monitor
  • 43″ Swivel Flat Screen Monitor with Split Screen Capability
  • 2 TB Storage = 5 Million Images
  • Remote Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • 5 Year Parts & 2 Year Labor
  • Optional Vascular Package (30 FPS)

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