OEC 9800 vs. OEC 9900

oec 9900 v oec 9800

The OEC 9800 & OEC 9900 are virtually the same unit when comparing their technical specs. The OEC 9800‘s were produced from 2000 to 2006 and the OEC 9900 started production in 2006 and is still currently in production.  Please read below to see the main differences between the two units:

New on the OEC 9900:

  • No more floppy drive, added USB ports & DVD/CD Slots
  • HIPAA Secure View
  • Increased the onboard static image storage
  • Preset image profiles for each configuration
  • Improved software features for vascular work

OEC Hardware:

  • The X-Ray tube, generator, image intensifier, steering, hardware, and C-Arm movements are all the same. If you’re used to the 9800, the 9900 will have a similar feel and footprint.
  • The monitors are new on the OEC 9900. These systems have flat panel monitors on an articulating boom arm. They are also a higher resolution (1k) than the monitors on the 9800, but they still process the same signal (Both the 9800 and 9900 have the same 1k x 1k x 16 imaging chain). The touchscreen technology of the 9900 monitors have also improved.
  • The hard drives of the 9900 have a much larger capacity and provide improved computing power.

Where the OEC 9900 wins:

  • Improvements on some of the higher-level vascular features
  • USB & DVD/CD storage
  • Articulating 19″ flat panel monitor displays

Where the OEC 9800 wins:

  • Since the OEC 9800 is extremely similar to the OEC 9900, it really only wins when it comes to price point. Many of the tasks the 9900 can do can be done on a 9800, and for a lower capital expense.

The Bottom Line:

There are compelling reasons to consider both of these systems. The choice of which one is better will come down to the individual facility needs. But, if pressed for a recommendation, we would recommenced that facilities that do a lot of vascular work could benefit from the improved software features of the OEC 9900. Facilities that do basic surgery or pain management can get what they need from a OEC 9800 without buying features they won’t use and facilities that would like a middle ground between more modern functionality and cost can find it through an OEC 9800 with upgraded monitors, storage space, and wireless controls.

For more information about the OEC 9900 or the OEC 9800, Please reach out today to speak to an expert or call (833) 276-2276 or email: info@largecarm.com